Main Branding / Conversion Video | TRT: 1.5 min

One of our most successful campaigns,11:10 Productions wrote and produced this series of videos for Conscious Health Connections to market their extensive roster of medical clinics that offer the groundbreaking therapy, "Sanexas". The above video served as the Main Branding and Conversion video on client websites and used for ads on YouTube, Google, and Facebook. The Covid Video and the 1 minute television commercial below were used in conjunction and produced to complement the brand story and selling points while reducing the threshold of needed impressions for conversions.  For this target demographic, strategically placed television commercials in local markets - a service provided by 11:10 Productions - continues to be extremely productive at generating new patients.

Television Commercial | TRT: 60 sec

Covid-19 Update Video | TRT: 60 Sec

Sanexas Facebook and Instagram Ads
11:10 Productions wrote and produced these Facebook/Instagram ads as part of a "Dynamic Creative" approach to advertising on Facebook and Instagram. By creating multiple iterations of ads that tell a complete story across the campaign, "stickiness" and "awareness" increases exponentially without an increase in advertising spend. Understanding the nuances of Facebook and Instagram advertising as well as their very rigorous Terms of Service and guiding our clients to produce video content specific to the digital platform is another service offered by 11:10 Productions.